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Mold Reports In Calgary

Reports on mold provide the results of a mold test carried out at your residence or your business location. The purpose of these reports is to inform you that there is mold present in your home, of what type, and the location.

The reports are an integral component of assessing mold and remediation procedures and are generally prepared by a lab.

Why do mold reports matter?

They interpret the mold inspection results in terms that are common to everyone and are easy to comprehend.

They show the range of mold and distinguish active and inactive spores, thereby avoiding any needless removal

They serve as a reference for the removal of mold

A mold report may be a crucial document in selling a home or proving that the workplace is secure for employees.

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A&B Asbestos Removal Calgary provides detailed mold reports after every inspection. So you can know the presence of mold and arrange for immediate remediation for mold before it spreads throughout your house or negatively impacts people’s health.

Our Mold Reports Form The Blueprint For Remediation

The presence of mold is all over. However, specific strains of mold are harmful and require removal. We have Mold reports to identify the exact origins of mold so that you can determine the root of the problem.

What do our mold reports reveal to you?

Knowing all this information will help the experts in mold removal develop an efficient plan for mold removal. 

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada provides expert mold testing, reports, and removal services to homeowners and business owners. Certified inspectors and labs provide complete reports on a mold with the highest accuracy to help you determine the best steps to remove the issue.

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