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Asbestos Testing, Abatement, And Removal

Asbestos is carcinogenic (cancer-causing) ingredient that’s been associated with serious diseases such as Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, and certain types of lung cancer.Prior to the awareness of the health risks of Asbestos, it was utilized in a range of products for commercial and residential use like in insulation (with vermiculite), tiles roofing, pipes, and roofing.

It is impossible to know if the item in your home or workplace has Asbestos. One way you can determine whether Asbestos is present is to have the asbestos test performed.

Testing for Asbestos as well as removal is a highly skilled task. Because of its toxic nature, the work should only be performed by experts that are certified and trained to perform the task. Do not put your health at risk by trying to perform all of this by yourself.

A&B Asbestos Removal Calgary is a leader in asbestos-testing, removal, and removal capabilities. No matter how big or the complexity of your asbestos issue, we will handle it efficiently and safely.

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Vermiculite Removal

Vermiculite is not all asbestos-free. Tests will reveal whether your premises are affected and whether removal of vermiculite is necessary. We adhere to the same strictness and rigorous safety protocols in the removal of vermiculite to ensure the safety of your building’s property, occupants, and employees.

Be sure to protect your family and your employees from exposure to Asbestos and illnesses that can result from constant contact for a long period of time. Plan an appointment for an asbestos test through A&B Asbestos Removal Calgary now.

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