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Masterful Mold Removal Services in Calgary

The growth of mold is quick, and it can spread quickly. Its presence in your workplace or at home can cause (or increase) many health issues, including skin and eye irritations and wheezing. It can also cause allergies as well as other respiratory diseases.

When your reports on mold inspections show the presence of mold, it is recommended to arrange a remediation plan immediately.

A&B Asbestos Removal Calgary generally provide a solution for all types of mold, which doesn’t always work for most strains or growths. DIY solutions like bleach aren’t the best option as they will only mask the issue. If you’re trying to eradicate the problem, you must hire a certified professional.

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A&B Asbestos Removal Calgary offers certified mold inspectors and the removal of mold experts to solve your issue and provide a permanent solution. We assist you in determining the root of the issue and perform an extensive cleaning process so that you can breathe comfortably again.

Do not attempt to get the mold by yourself or an untrained handyman to do the task. You may expose yourself to unnecessary health risks, or worse, you could be stuck with mold issues for many years to follow.

Residential And Commercial Mold Removal

A&B invests in highly trained technicians and the most up-to-date technology to remove mold equipment to guarantee an efficient job. The safety and health of our employees and clients are of paramount importance, and that for us means doing the job properly and safely. You can trust us to take care of your mold issues.

We employ various cleaning techniques in our removal of mold process to maximize effectiveness.

Vacuuming with a wet cloth (in instances of porous material, certain mold spores or fragments will remain within the material, but they won't develop if the material is dried completely). Steam cleaning can be an option for carpets and some furniture that is upholstered.

- Wet-wipe surfaces using simple water or detergent solution and water (except on wood and wood floors; apply the wood floor cleaner) and scrub as necessary.

- HEPA is a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuum cleaner after the substance has been thoroughly dried. Get rid of the material in the HEPA vacuum in sealed plastic bags.

Discard water-damaged materials, then seal them into plastic bags. Use in the same manner as for regular waste. HEPA vacuum area once it has dried.

A&B Asbestos Removal Calgary thoroughly cleans the affected areas from ceiling to floor and every inch between. We also protect contaminated areas and ensure that the proper disposal locations are set to stop the spread and recontamination of the area by mold.

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